"Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor"
Season 2, Episode #3
Number (#16) in Series (101 episodes)
WB 2x3 - Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor
"The Wayans Bros." episode
Series: The Wayans Bros.
Network/Country: The WB Network
Air date September 20, 1995
Production code 457703
Written by Phil Beauman
Directed by: Gerren Keith
Guest starring Darrel Heath
Tracy Hudson
Jodi Long
Nelson Mashita
Steve Stapenhorst
Ahmad Stoner
Rhea Wilson
Paul Witten
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Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor was the third episode of Season 2 of The Wayans Bros., also the the 16th overall series episode. Written by Phil Beauman, the episode, which was directed by Gerren Keith, was originally aired on the WB Network on September 20, 1995.

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"Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor"
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An art critic (Jodi Long) likes Marlon's less-than artistic paintings. Being "discovered" as an 'artist" soon goes to Marlon's head, as Shawn tries to keep him grounded, but it's not easy.

Ful1 storylineEdit

After a leader of the art world buys Marlon's paint-smeared dropcloth, Marlon becomes temperamental artist, much to Shawn's disgust. But Marlon's artistic career hits a snag when Lou catches a vandal putting graffiti on Pops' diner: the art patrons become so impressed with the graffiti artist that they abandon Marlon.



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