Theodore "Ted" McKay
Ted McKay - TWB
Ted McKay (Ronnie Schell) arguing with Pops while in a press conference in the Neidermeyer Building main lobby in the episode "Pop's Campaign".




Shady politician (NYC Councilman)

Character played by

Ronnie Schell

Episode appearance on The Wayans Bros.

in "Pop's Campaign" in Season 4

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Councilman Ted McKay who was played by Ronnie Schell of Gomer Pyle, USMC TV series fame in the hilarious Season 4 episode titled Pop's Campaign .

Character descriptionEdit

Councilman McKay, aka "Miles" who was campaigning in the main lobby of the Neidermeyer Building, gets Pops and others who were opposed to his campaign riled up to the point where Pops decides to run against him for his council seat. In a debate though Pops gets in a bind, mixing up written responses to questions in a debate against his opponent, who had ran a dishonest smear campaign against Pops, attcking his qualifications and character.

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