Deidre "Dee" Baxter
Dee Baxter
Anna Maria Horsford, who also starred on the NBC-TV series "Amen", plays "Dee" Baxter on "The Wayans Bros.".




Security guard in the main lobby of the Neidermeyer Building

Seasons/Episodes on "TWB"

80 episodes from 1995-1999, 4 seasons

Character played by

Anna Maria Horsford

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Deidre "Dee" Baxter became the new security guard in the Niedemeyer Building during the second season of The Wayans Bros. series run, replacing the short, feisty Brooklyn native redhead Louise "Lou" Malino. Dee was played by actress Anna Maria Horsford, who previously starred as Thelma Frye on the hit NBC-TV sitcom series Amen opposite Sherman Hemsley and Clifton Davis.

Character descriptionEdit

Buxom Dee, who lives with her mother in a Manhattan apartment, is often jokingly referred to by Marlon as "a big breasted cougar", often laments of not having a man, or a steady boyfriend, although she eventually begins dating a stockbroker named Kenny (Richard Whiten) who works in the building who pursues her, but soon after Dee suspects of cheating, not knowing that Marlon and Shawn takes him to a nightclub to loosen him up, so he could finally have the nerve to approach Dee in the episode "Dee's Dee-lemma". Dee is a very dedicated guard, and even assisted the police in the apprehension of an ex-convict (Norris Young) who looked to silence Marlon, who witnessed him commit a robbery in the episode Can I Get A Witness? as well as the Sweet Tooth Bandit, who leaves candy behind after burglarizing Shawn and Marlon's apartment in the episode The Unusual Suspects.

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