Fred Watson
Fred Watson WB
Fred Watson (Bill Cobbs) is mistaken by Shawn and Marlon for being a grifter called "The Black Widower" in the episode of the same title in Season 3.
Vital information
Gender: Male
Widowed new beau of Grandma Ellington mistaken for being a notorious grifter called "The Black Widower" who they saw with Dee on a program called "Unsolved Violent Crimes"
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Character played by: Bill Cobbs
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Fred Watson, a date of Grandma Ellington appears in The Wayans Bros. episode titled The Black Widower (Season 3, episode #20). The part of Fred is played by veteran character actor Bill Cobbs, who has starred in over 120 television programs and movies.

About FredEdit

Fred, who is a very talented gourmet cook, prepares a special dinner for his dinner date, Grandma Ellington; Shawn and Marlon fear for Grandma's life thinking that Fred is a grifter and serial killer nicknamed "The Black Widower" after watching a documentary crime program "Unsolved Violent Crimes", where the "Widower", who's a dead ringer for Fred, supposedly "poisoned" three former wives by preparing meals for them which were laced with arsenic, and then grifting them of their savings!  

When Shawn and Marlon mistakenly think that Grandma's dinner plate, and then theirs, which Fred prepares for them, might be poisoned, the boys switch plates on him; after he has a reaction to his plate; he decides to leave after getting sick, because he's allergic to Jalapenos, which were on his switched plate!

When Dee stops by and alerts Shawn and Marlon about the police finding the real "Black Widower", on another reality/crime documentary program,  "True Stories of the Highway Patrol" it's up to the boys to patch things up between Fred and Grandma. The boys retrieve him and bring him back to Grandma's apartment,  and then Frod and Grandma rekindle their romance,without anymore of the boys meddling!

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