Grandma Ellington
Grandma Ellington
Ja'net Dubois, who is best known as Willona Woods on the CBS-TV series Good Times, appears as Grandma Ellington, Shawn and Marlon's grandmother, and Pops's mother-in-law, on The Wayans Bros. series.






Shawn Williams
Marlon Williams (grandsons)
John "Pops" Williams (son in-law)

Episodes/Seasons on "TWB"

10 episodes in 3 seasons, 1996-1998

Character played by

Ja'net Dubois

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Grandma Ellington is the grandmother of Shawn and Marlon Williams, Pops's mother-in-law, who appeared in seasons 3 and 4 of The Wayans Bros. TV series. Grandma, who first appeared in the episode titled Grandma's in the Hiz-House, appearing in ten episodes total. The role of Grandma Ellington was played by singer/composer-actress Ja'net Dubois, who is best known to TV audiences as Willona Woods, the gossipy but good-natured friend of the Evans family on the 1974-79 CBS-TV series Good Times.

Character descriptionEdit

In Grandma's first appearance, in the episode Grandma Is In The Hiz-ouse, after she struggles to find a place to live, and then moves in with Marlon and Shawn after the place she had resided got sold, the tenants got evicted by the property's new owners, who planned to tear the building down. Grandma briefly stays with the boys, finding a new apartment nearby, only after briefly staying in a home for the aged, Sean, Marlon and Pops help an unhappy Grandma leave the home, and also help her find a new apartment nearby.

Grandma, with a somewhat acerbic sense of humor, regularly trades insults with Pops, who were at odds at first when her daughter, Shawn and Marlon's mom (who is mentioned often but never seen on the series) first married Pops, but they still do show concern for each other and often help each other too, as in the episode titled "The Black Widower", in which the boys and Pops become worried that the man whom a widowed Grandma begins to date Bill Cobbs is a con man trying to swindle her of her savings.

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