"Head of State"
Season 2, Episode #8
Number (#21) in Series (101 episodes)
"The Wayans Bros." episode
Series: The Wayans Bros.
Network/Country: The WB Network
Air date November 8, 1995
Production code 457709 (2x8)
Written by Liz Sage
Directed by: Glenn Casale
Guest starring Eric Anderson
Helen Geller
Rif Hutton
Frank O'Brien
Kelley Johnson
Phill Lewis
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Head ofState was the eighth episode in Season 2 of The Wayans Bros., and the 21st overall series episode; it first aired on The WB Network on November 8, 1995. Written by Liz Sage, the episode was directed by Glenn Casale.

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"Head of State"
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Everyone is excited that President may stop by to use the bathroom at Pop's diner. Marlon is determined to shake the President's hand believing that exact moment will guarantee a positive future for him.


When Marlon finds out that President Clinton's motorcade will be passing by Pops' diner, and that the bathroom will be made available to the President should he need to use it, Marlon becomes determined to shake the President's hand.

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  • Notes: Anna Maria Horsford makes her first appearance as Dee Baxter staying for the remainder of the series. She replaces Louise "Lou" Malino (Jill Tasker) as the security guard in the Neidermeyer Building.



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