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| occupation = Owner and proprietor of [[Pop's Diner|Pop's Joint]] (Formerly) Now retired to Florida
| occupation = Owner and proprietor of [[Pop's Diner|Pop's Joint]] (Formerly) Now retired to Florida
| played_by = [[John Witherspoon]]
| played_by = [[John Witherspoon]]
| series = ''The Wayans Bros.''
| series = ''[[The Wayans Bros.]]''
| episodes = in 2 episodes from 1995-1999, 5 Seasons
| episodes = in 2 episodes from 1995-1999, 5 Seasons
| relatives = [[Shawn Williams]], [[Marlon Williams]] (sons)
| relatives = [[Shawn Williams]], [[Marlon Williams]] (sons)

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John "Pops" Williams
Pops Willams
Pops Williams (John Witherspoon), owner and proprietor of Pop's Diner on "The Wayans Bros."'
Vital information
Gender: Male
Owner and proprietor of Pop's Joint (Formerly) Now retired to Florida
Tacky dressing fashion plate whose famous taglines are "Yeetee Dee!", "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" and "You've Got To Coordinate!"
Related to: Shawn Williams, Marlon Williams (sons)
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Episodes appeared in: in 2 episodes from 1995-1999, 5 Seasons
Character played by: John Witherspoon
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John "Pops" Williams owns Pop's Diner at the Niedermeyer Building, right next to Shawn's Newsstand, which itself is owned by oldest son Shawn on the WB's TV series The Wayans Bros.. The part of pops is played by comedian/actor John Witherspoon.

About "Pops" Williams

Pops, a former Army cook during Vietnam, was stationed stateside during his military stint, of which the service was described as "questionable" by his City Councilman opponent when he tried to run for his office seat in the episode Pop's Campaign. Nevertheless, he has been able to steadily run the restaurant he owns for over twenty years, with the boys working for him at times growing up in the Williams home in Long Island. Pops is played by stand-up comedian and actor John Witherspoon, who is also well known for his role as Willie Jones in the high-grossing Friday film series.

A self-professed snazzy dresser in his own mind, Marlon and Shawn usually poke fun at his "tacky" attire, his love for pointed-toed loafers, usually white, bow ties, and multicolored, loud shirts and polyester slacks. As for his cooking, in his opinion, it does'nt hurt if no one knows "Tomorrow's chili was yesterday's Meatloaf leftovers". Pop is also quite a flamenco dancer, as demonstrated with son Marlon in the episode titled "Pop's Secret" in which he was trying to brush up on his dancing, taking lessons from an instructor named Carmella (Iona Morris) without the sons' knowledge.

Also a one-time aspiring politician, Pops gets in a bind, mixing up written responses to questions in a debate against his opponent, Councilman Ted McKay (Ronnie Schell of Gomer Pyle, USMC fame) in the hilarious episode titled Pop's Campaign . Shawn and Marlon are'nt the only ones in the Williams family that has lofty aspirations.

Also a one-time, Pops was a one-time member of a singing group called "The Temptones". In the season 3 episode titled The Return of the Temptones, Pop's and tthe group both make a comeback of sorts, with one guy Albert, returning as "Alberta". In their onetime "comeback" concert at a nearby nightclub, Pops and the group belt out their signature song "My Love Goes Bang, Bang, Bang".

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