Lisa Saunders
Lisa Saunders Shawn Williams TWB
Lisa Saunders (Lela Rochon) and Shawn Williams (Shawn Wayans) in scene from the show.



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Lisa Saunders who appears in season one of The Wayans Bros. series, was the romantic interest of Shawn, who became his girlfriend during the first season, appearing in several episodes of the show. She was played by actress Lela Rochon, known for her appearances in such films as Boomerang, Harlem Nights, and Waiting To Exhale.

Character descriptionEdit

Lisa, who worked in the Niedemeyer Building as a fashion consultant. She is the daughter of a prominent doctor. She apparently had been dating Shawn for a while at the beginning of the series. Because of her career, she would not commit to marriage. Shawn had been trying to save up enough cash in order to wed her, but it was hard to do this with his job as a UPS-like courier. Lisa and Shawn hadbroken up by season 2, with Shawn having saved enough money to open a newsstand in the Neidermeyer Building lobby near Pop's Diner. Lela Rochon had long left the series, as Lisa (her character) had moved on to other career opportunities.

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