Season 2, Episode #5
Number (#18) in Series (101 episodes)
"The Wayans Bros." episode
Series: The Wayans Bros.
Network/Country: The WB Network
Air date October 4, 1995
Production code 457706
Written by Jim Evering
Directed by: Glenn Casale
Guest starring Jessica Bautista
Lee Cole
Dona Hardy
William Dennis Hurley
Phill Lewis
Alan Young
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Loot was the fifth episode of Season 2 of The Wayans Bros., also the the 18th overall series episode. Written by Jim Evering, the episode, which was directed by Glenn Casale, was originally aired on the WB Network on October 4, 1995.

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Shawn, Marlon, Pops and friends find $100,000 in an ashtray.

Ful1 storylineEdit

Shawn, Marlon, Pops, Lou and Monique hit the jackpot when they discover $100,000 in an ashtray in the lobby. But Lou is determined to carry out the Niedermeyer Building rule requiring a classified ad be placed in the newspaper so that the owner can come forward -- and if it's claimed within five days, their dreams will go up in smoke.

Did You Know?Edit


Note: This episode marksthe series debut of Phill Lewis as T.C. (which is short for the character's full name, "Thelonious Capricornus").



Marlon brings in a stack of newspapers and the security guard tells him to move them because the fire marshal is coming. Marlon helps Monique move a box and then knocks over a trash can and the newspapers are gone although no one had time to move them.



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