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Lupe and Benny in the Season 1 episode "The Poppa Cabana".
Vital information
Gender: Female
Fired, along with Benny, the short-order cook by Marlon, then rehired by Shawn, who turns the diner into a nightclub/casino to recover $500 Marlon spent on trying to make it "upscale"
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Episodes appeared in: "The Poppa Cabana" in Season 1
Character played by: Joanna Sanchez
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Lupe is a waitress in Pop's Joint, in the Season 1 episode of The Wayans Bros. titled "The Poppa Cobana" in Season 1 of the series. The part of Lupe is played by Joanna Sanchez.

About Lupe[edit | edit source]

In "Poppa Cobana", Lupe and the diner's cook Benny are both fired by Marlon when he temporarily runs the diner in place of Pops when he takes a weekend trip to Atlantic City with the boys Uncle Leon. Before their temporary "firing", both Lupe and Benny began to complain about boss Marlon, who in trying to run the diner like a tight ship, starts paying them less and overworking them; after failing miserably in trying to make the diner "more upscale" without them, Shawn rehires them in making the diner temporarily into a "nightclub/casino", which recovers the $500 (in making about, roughly $3000) Marlon had spent, which was all that Pops had asaved as "emergency money", on making the diner upscale!

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