Mr. Ennis
Mr. Ennis
Mr. Ennis with Shawn, disguised as a Chinese investor interested in buying the apartment complex in "The Wayans Bros." episode "Independence Day".
Vital information
Gender: Male
Apartment owner/manager
Unscrupulous sort who rents out apartments with all kinds of safety hazards and structual and health issues
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Episodes appeared in: "Independence Day" in Season 5
Character played by: Todd Susman
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Mr.Ennis, an unscrupulous rental property owner/manager leases Marlon a seemingly "perfect" apartment plagued with all kinds of problems in the Season 5 episode titled "Independence Day". The part of Mr.Ennis is played by veteran comedic actor/voice artist Todd Susman.

More about the landlordEdit

When Shawn visits Marlon again after helping him move into his new apartment, when he goes to get a glass of water, the door to the cabinet he opens comes off the hinges, then when he goes to get a glass of water, its dirty and very undrinkable! When they go to complain to Ennis, he refuses to let Marlon out of his lease, which was a 10-year lease, that he signed hastily without seriously checking the apartment out! It turns out that the lady who was also seemingly seeking to rent that apartment was actually Mr. Ennis's secretary (Nikki Tyler-Flynn), who was in on the scam!

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