Mr. Peterman

Mr. Peterman is the former boss of Ted, Shawn's friend turned nemisis in the episode titled "Risky Bid-ness".

Mr. Petermanis the former boss of Ted (played by Jack Plotnick), a friend turned nemisis of Shawn's, at the advertising firm at which Ted worked, and who hired Shawn briefly in the episode titled Risky Bid-ness in season 4. Mr. Peterman, after hearing one of the presentations of Ted, which were bad ideas Shawn had given him, and then hearing a masterful one about a vaccum  which Shawn had came up with, quickly fires Ted and offers to promote Shawn into Ted's old position with the agency, at which Shawn, who sees the cutthroat, backstabbing way which things ran in the agency, declines, and returns to his old job at the newsstand; Dupree, who had been hired for candy bars by Marlon to work the newsstand, then lands a job himself with the agency, galavanting around with Peterman, impressing him with his ideas at episode's end. Mr. Peterman is played by actor Bruce French.

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