"New Lease on Life"
Season 2, Episode #20
Number (#33) in Series (101 episodes)
WB 2x20 - New Lease on Life
"The Wayans Bros." episode
Series: The Wayans Bros.
Network/Country: The WB Network
Air date May 1, 1996
Production code 457719 (2x20)
Written by Xavier R. Cook
Directed by: Gerren Keith
Guest starring Adrienne Barbeau
Pat Harrington, Jr.
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New Lease on Life was the 20th episode in Season 2 of The Wayans Bros., and the 33rd overall series episode; it first aired on The WB Network on May 1, 1996. Written by Xavier R. Cook, the episode was directed by Gerren Keith.

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"New Lease on Life"
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Mrs. Neidermeyer (Adrienne Barbeau) the wife of Mr. Neidermeyer (Pat Harrington, Jr.) the owner of the building named after him tries to seduce Shawn.


When Mrs. Niedermeyer, the owner of the building where his newsstand is housed, makes a pass at him, and Shawn is torn between doing what's right and saving his newsstand.



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