Pop's Joint (Pops's Diner)
Pops Joint
Pop's Joint, outside screenshot of entrance.

Type of establishment

Diner, at one time, temporarliy a nightclub/casino in the Season 1 episode "The Poppa Cabana"

Owned by

John "Pops" Williams (Formerly, retired), T.C.


In the Niedermeyer Bldg. Main Lobby in Manhattan, NY, next to Shawn's Newsstand
Formerly located in Harlem, NY


Benny (short-order cook)
Lupe (waitress)
Marlon worked in kitchen performing various duties in Season 1

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Pop's Joint is a eatery located in the Neidermeyer Building's Main Lobby, next to Shawn's Newsstand, and which is owned by John "Pops" Williams on The Wayans Bros. TV series. The diner, which was originally located in Harlem in the show's first season, was moved to the Niedermeyer Building in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan in Season 2.

Opened by Pops within several years after his stint in the US Army Reserves, where he was a cook, the restaurant is still a money making venture at the time of the setting in the pilot episode, which would set it's opening between around 1975 or 1977, when Shawn and Marlon, both of whom used to work in the restaurant as boys, helping out, doing odd jobs after school and on Saturdays at times, Although in one episode, titled "Family Business", where actor Antonio Fargas appears as Pop's's younger brother Nate, intimated that the uninsured Pops, as is it was revealed, had a policy terminated because tried to commit insurance fraud by committing arson, as Shawn said to him "Hey, what about all of those rags and the gas can that was all around the diner?"

Nevertheless, the place is still a hangout spot for Shawn, Marlon, and Dee, who all work near the restaurant, and their friends T.C., Dupree, White Mike (who with Marlon, for a time, had changed it into a health food eatery, with low calorie dishes such as Tofu, but high cal cheesecakes!) even amid some complaints about the quality of the food, which still does'nt deter Pop's from applying his philosophy in food preperation, using the addage "It does'nt hurt if you use yesterday's left over meat loaf as tomorrow's chili!"

Still, with some complaints from some of the customers, perhaps, a few health inspectors, and one-time competition from his brother, who in the "Family Business" episode, had opened a roach coach across the street from the Neidermeyer Building, using "real meat" in his hot dogs, the diner, amazingly, still operates!!!

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