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The Wayans Bros.: Season 4
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Season 4 box cover
First episode aired:
"Marlon's Returh", aired September 17, 1997
Season finale aired:
"Fire!", on May 20, 1998
Episodes aired:
22 aired during Season 4
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The following is a list of the fourth season episodes of the The WB sitcom, The Wayans Bros.. The series aired from January 11, 1995 to May 20, 1999 with 101 episodes produced spanning 5 seasons. The series starred Shawn and Marlon Wayans as brothers Shawn and Marlon Williams living in New York City.

Series overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
   Season 1 13 January 11, 1995 – May 24, 1995
Season 2 22 September 6, 1995 – May 15, 1996
Season 3 22 September 4, 1996 – May 14, 1997
Season 4 22 September 17, 1997 – May 20, 1998
Season 5 22 September 18, 1998 – May 20, 1999

Season 4 (1997-1998)[]

Season 4 episodes
No. in Series Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


58 1 "Marlon's Return" John Bowab Phil Kellard & Tom Moore September 17, 1997 466402
Marlon returns from his musical tour with an inflated ego and debt to match.
59 2 "Prom Fright" John Bowab Xavier R. Cook September 24, 1997 466401
Shawn tries to reunite with a woman that stood him up at his high school prom, believing that she is the reason for all his subsequent bad relationships.
60 3 "Pops' Daughter" John Bowab Josh Goldstein October 1, 1997 466404
A woman named Donna (Tembi Locke) claims that Pops is her biological father.
61 4 "Stand Up Guy" John Bowab Phil Beauman October 8, 1997 466403
Marlon takes an interest in stand up comedy, but his routine offends his family members.
62 5 "Unspoken Token" John Bowab Buddy Johnson October 15, 1997 466405
Shawn is thrilled to be hired by a high-tech company, only to learn that he was only hired to fill the company's racial quota. He then dreams that he is J. J. Evans on the television sitcom Good Times.
63 6 "Odd Man Out" John Bowab Robert Bruce October 22, 1997 466406
Marlon learns that Shawn's old friend Terrell (Casey Lee) is a deadbeat and plans on not giving back any of the money he borrowed from Shawn.

Note: Casey Lee previously worked with the Wayans brothers on the sketch comedy series In Living Color.

64 7 "Pops' Last Hurrah" Buzz Sapien Robert Bruce November 5, 1997 466407
A misunderstanding leads Shawn and Marlon to believe that Pops is dying.
65 8 "I Was En Vogue's Love Slave" Glynn Turman Josh Goldstein November 12, 1997 466408
Marlon is sued for fabricating a story involving himself and the R&B group En Vogue.
66 9 "Can I Get a Witness?" Glynn Turman Buddy Johnson November 19, 1997 466409
The family is put in police protection after Marlon identifies a robber in a police lineup and in turn causes the robber to send his brother after the family.
67 10 "Ted's Revenge" Buzz Sapien Maiya Williams December 10, 1997 466410
Ted (Jack Plotnick), Shawn's old boss returns after serving a stint in a mental institution and wants to be friends with him, much to Shawn's dislike.
68 11 "All in the Family Feud" Erma Elzy-Jones Kenny Buford January 14, 1998 466414
Shawn and Pops replace dimwitted Marlon with "cousin" Dee to win in the game show "Family Battle" (a parody of Family Feud).
69 12 "Raging Marlon" John Bowab Phil Beauman & Craig Wayans January 21, 1998 466411
Championship boxer Héctor Camacho challenges Marlon to a boxing match, after Marlon bragged that he knocked him out cold with a sucker punch.
70 13 "The Son of Marlon" Aaron Speiser Maiya Williams January 28, 1998 466412
Marlon begins dating a woman with a seven year old son.
71 14 "Dee's Deelemma" Buzz Sapien Josh Goldstein February 4, 1998 466413
Dee starts to think that her dentist boyfriend is romantically shy.
72 15 "Independence Day" Ted Lange Buddy Johnson February 11, 1998 466415
Marlon's dream deluxe apartment is a nightmare, after he signs a ten-year lease.
73 16 "Help a Brother Out" John Bowab Maiya Williams February 18, 1998 466418
Marlon studies a man named Reggie (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs), a homeless man for an acting role.
74 17 "The Rich Girl" John Bowab Xavier R. Cook February 25, 1998 466417
Shawn is afraid his family will embarrass him in front of his new rich girlfriend Tanya (Elise Neal).
75 18 "Busta Saves the Day" John Bowab Phil Beauman March 4, 1998 466419
Shawn and Marlon are caught scalping tickets for a Busta Rhymes concert and then plead with the rapper to perform at Dee's church to prevent it from closing down.
76 19 "Talk is Cheap" Buzz Sapien Robert Bruce & Buddy Johnson April 29, 1998 466420
Shawn and Marlon appear on the The Jerry Springer Show and learn that they have both been dating the same woman.
77 20 "Bringing It All Back Home" John Bowab Robert Bruce May 6, 1998 466416
Shawn and Marlon try to scare away potential buyers after Pops decides to sell their old childhood home.
78 21 "Recipe for Success" Fred Parker Maiya Williams May 13, 1998 466421
Shawn and Marlon try to warn Pops that the Chili he is entering in a festival contains dog food.
79 22 "Fire!" John Bowab Xavier R. Cook May 20, 1998 466422
Shawn is duped by a crooked accountant with the newsstand later being burned down. The police then suspect him and the rest of the family of arson.