The Wayans Bros.: Season 5
Wayans Bros - Season 5 DVD
Season 5 box cover
First episode aired:
"Brother Can You Spare a Dime?", aired September 18, 1998
Season finale aired:
"Rope-A-Dope", on May 20, 1999
Episodes aired:
22 aired during Season 5
The WB
Previous Season:
Season 4
Next Season:
None - End of series

The following is a list of the season episodes of the fifth and final season of the The WB sitcom, The Wayans Bros.. The series aired from January 11, 1995 to May 20, 1999 with 101 episodes produced spanning 5 seasons. The series starred Shawn and Marlon Wayans as brothers Shawn and Marlon Williams living in New York City.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
   Season 1 13 January 11, 1995 – May 24, 1995
Season 2 22 September 6, 1995 – May 15, 1996
Season 3 22 September 4, 1996 – May 14, 1997
Season 4 22 September 17, 1997 – May 20, 1998
Season 5 22 September 18, 1998 – May 20, 1999

Season 5 (1998-1999)Edit

Season 5 episodes
No. in series Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


80 1 "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" John Bowab Phil Kellard & Tom Moore September 17, 1998 467951
Shawn puts his pride aside and asks Marlon for a loan to rebuild the newsstand.
81 2 "Six Degrees of Marlon" John Bowab Maiya Williams September 24, 1998 467952
Shawn accidentally arranges for Marlon to have a kissing scene on his new sitcom "Everbody Loves Everybody", but the scene is with a guy.
82 3 "Pops' Campaign" John Bowab Robert Bruce October 1, 1998 467953
Pops runs for city council against a corrupt politician (Ronnie Schell).
83 4 "Romeo & J'Leeta" John Bowab Phil Beauman October 8, 1998 467954
Shawn falls for J'Leeta (Tracey Cherelle Jones) the daughter of Pop's long-time restaurant rival Rick (Earl Billings).
84 5 "Ho's on First" Buzz Sapien Xavier R. Cook October 15, 1998 467956
Shawn has a hard time telling Marlon that his new girlfriend Angel (Angelle Brooks) has had a sexually promiscuous past.
85 6 "Escorting Ain't Easy" John Bowab Mitchell Marchand & Craig Wayans October 29, 1998 467958
Shawn and Marlon gets Pops involved in their new male escort business with Pops reuniting with Susan Sparks (Chip Fields), an old flame.
86 7 "The Kiss" John Bowab Phil Beauman & Tom Bryant November 5, 1998 467957
Shawn and Dee go to a Missy Elliott concert together. The next day, they are in bed together, believing that they had sex, or did they?.... .
87 8 "The High Life" John Bowab Robert Bruce November 12, 1998 467960
Inspired to be like his favorite actor Rico Da Vinci (Nick Spano), Marlon smokes marijuana and ends up ruining an acting audition that Shawn set up for him.
88 9 "Misery" Buzz Sapien Xavier R. Cook November 19, 1998 467959
In this episode that parodies the film Misery, Marlon is trapped in the house of a crazed fan (Kym Whitley).
89 10 "Marlon Joins a Cult" John Bowab Buddy Johnson December 10, 1998 467955
Marlon is fooled into joining a cult thinking it is an acting seminar.

Note:Kelly Coffield-Park guest starred in this episode, she previously was a cast member on In Living Color with Shawn and Marlon Wayans. She also co-starred with the Wayans brothers and John Witherspoon in the 2006 film Little Man. Also, this is Gary Coleman's second appearance on the show, the first being the season 1 episode "Goop-Hair-It-Is", also the series' pilot.

90 11 "A Country Christmas" Buzz Sapien Maiya Williams December 17, 1998 467963
Cousin Sheila (Kim Wayans) invites the family to stay at the farm for the holidays. They then learn that she is in financial trouble.
91 12 "Green Card" Buzz Sapien Buddy Johnson January 14, 1999 467962
Shawn agrees to marry an African woman so she can get her green card.
92 13 "Big Brother" John Bowab Phil Beauman & Craig Wayans January 21, 1999 467963
Shawn and Marlon take part in a Big Brother, Little Brother program.
93 14 "Saving Private Marlon" Buzz Sapien Charlie Bonomo & Buddy Johnson January 28, 1999 467964
In an attempt to do research for a role in a war film, Marlon visits an army base and accidentally signs up for the actual army.

Note: Ron O'Neal guest stars.

94 15 "Jump!" John Bowab Maiya Williams February 4, 1999 467966
Shawn and Marlon's teasing about Dee's job gets her fired.
95 16 "Pops Gets Evicted" Aaron Speiser Eric Monte February 11, 1999 467965
Shawn is hired to come up with new ideas for the Neidermeyer Building lobby. But his new ideas also involve removing Pops' diner.
96 17 "Crazy 4 You" Phil Kellard Robert Bruce February 18, 1999 467968
Marlon and Shawn compete for the attention of Dawn (Shari Headley), an attractive psychiatrist who is new to the Neidermeyer Building.
97 18 "Hip Hop Pops" John Bowab Esa Lewis February 25, 1999 467967
Pops has a hip hop makeover for his 50th birthday.
98 19 "Everybody Loves Shawn" John Bowab Phil Beauman & Buddy Johnson April 29, 1999 467971
Shawn gets a guest spot on "Everybody Loves Everybody" taking the spotlight away from Marlon.
99 20 "Dream Girl" John Bowab Maiya Williams May 6, 1999 467969
Sasha (Paula Abdul), a famous singer, asks Shawn to father her a child, but not be in the baby's life.
100 21 "Three on the Couch" Marlon Wayans Robert Bruce May 13, 1999 467970
After meeting up with a successful old friend, Shawn blames his family for holding him back in life.

Note: This episode is a clip show of past episodes.

101 22 "Rope-a-Dope" John Bowab Phil Beauman & Buddy Johnson May 20, 1999 467972
In the series finale, Pops is upset at Shawn and Marlon for selling his old boxing memorabilia. They then find out the new owner is champion boxer Roy Jones, Jr.
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