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The overly ambitious, vindictive Ted, played by Jack Plotnick, appears in two episodes of "The Wayans Bros."'

Character played by

Jack Plotnick

Appearances on The Wayans Bros.

in 2 episodes, "Risky Bid-ness" and "Ted's Revenge" in seasons 3 and 4

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Ted is a former mentally unstable friend of Shawn and Marlon turned chief nemisis to Shawn, in particular, who worked in the Niedermeyer Building initially as a advertising agency ad person, in 2 episodes, "Risky Bid-ness" and "Ted's Revenge" in seasons 3 and 44. The part of "Ted" was played by Jack Plotnick.

Character descriptionEdit

Ted, who says he started out at the ad agency making $100,000 a year, and who intially referred Shawn, who wished to make more money then what he was earning running the newsstand, to get hired as an ad man in the ad agency, is overly ambitious, as he was always taking credit for Shawn's ideas in the ad meetings, until Shawn turns the tables on him, giving him his bad ideas, and impressing Ted's boss, Mr. Peterman (Bruce French) with his slogan for a vaccum ad which went "Osmo Vaccums Really Suck...Dirt!"

In the year and a half after getting fired by Mr. Peterman, in "Ted's Revenge" Ted had fallen completely apart, even spending time in a mental hospital. He seeks revenge on Shawn as a tax auditor with the IRS for what he did to him at the ad agency, although Shawn had declined a promotion job offer from Mr. Peterman, who sought to promote Shawn into his Ted's old position; Shawn spurned the position and instead opted to return to the newsstand because of the "cutthroat" operation of the agency. After failing to prove Shawn's negligence in paying his taxes, he then gets fired from the IRS, getting a postal job,

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