Trish Niedermeyer
Mrs. Niedermeyer
Mrs. Niedermeyer in the episode "New Lease on Life" in Season 1 of "The Wayans Bros.".
Vital information
Gender: Female
Entrepenuer/Real estate developer
beautiful but duplicitous sort who amorously pursues Shawn, who must go through her to get his lease to operate the newsstand renewed in Season 2
Related to: Jay Niedermeyer (husband)
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Episodes appeared in: "New Lease on Life"
Character played by: Adrienne Barbeau
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Trish Niedermeyer, aka Mrs. Niedermeyer, is the villainous wife of Jay Niedermeyer, the original owner of the Niedermeyer Building in The Wayans Bros. episode titled New Lease on Life in Season 2. The part of Mrs. Niederrmayer is played by veteran actress Adrienne Barbeau, who is perhaps best known to TV viewers  Carol Traynor, the divorced daughter of Maude Findlay on the 1970's CBS-TV sitcom series Maude.

About Trish  Edit

Mrs. Neidermeyer, who is married to Mr. Niedermeyer, who is a long time friend of Pops and is also known to be insanely jealous over the affections of his sexy wife, is known to be very "amorous" towards whoever she finds appealing, and she had her romantic sights set on Shawn! When Jay invites the boys to his upstairs penthouse, Trish turned heel and tried to seduce the resistant Shawn, kissing on him while Jay is in the den of their penthouse showing Marlon his gun collection! Shawn's lease for the newsstand was expiring, leading to Trish revealing that she was granted the ownership rights to the building by husband Jay. Shawn, who gets propositioned by Trish, must resist her amorous advance, but Trish insists he must give in to her in order for her to renew his lease to continue to operate the newsstand in the building's main lobby.

The very next evening, Shawn and Marlon sneak up the side fire escape to the top of the alarm protected building, back on up to the penthouse to confront the evil Trish about his lease. His lease is renewed, if not by blackmail, by threatening to tell Mr. Niedermeyer, who returned early from a planned weekend business trip and doesn't know of their presence there, namely about Trish's heel persona and her villainous motives!

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