White Mike
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White Mike, played by comic/actor Mitch Mullaney, appeared in six episodes of the series.




Heir from wealthy Long Island family

Relations on TWB

friend of Shawn and Marlon Williams


6 episodes in seasons 1 and 2, 1995-1996


brother Pookie, who appears in the episode It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys! in Season 1

Character played by

Mitch Mullany

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White Mike is a hip-talking, black girl-dating white friend of Shawn and Marlon Willams who appears in seasons 1 and 2 of The Wayans Bros. Played by late comic/actor Mitch Mullany, he appeared in a total of six episodes, beginning with the episode The Sting, which Thelonious "T.C." Capricornio, another hip huckster type, whom he also eventually becomes friends with, appears with during the first season.

Character description[edit | edit source]

Always trying hard to keep up on the urban fashion and "hip" street ebonics slang talk, Mike is from the suburbs, from an affluent family in Long Island who befriends Marlon, even for allowing Marlon to move in with him in his "crib" after a brief fallout with Shawn, whom T.C. moved in with in Marlon's old apartment. Mike kicks Marlon out, saying that he is too boring for him, he being a hard-partying type. He also becomes cool with Shawn and Pops, even running Pop's Diner with Marlon. while Pops was laid up at home sick from the flu, turning an unseen before big profit while turning the place into a health food restaurant, where they served tofu, and all types organic foods, with the exception of the cheesecake, which Marlon deceives some lovely young females who work at the nearby aerobics center into thinking they're low cal!!

The White Mike character served as a vehicle for Mitch Mullany to earn a title role as Nick Freno on the WB series titled Nick Freno:Lisenced Teacher the next season, where he appeared in 43 episodes before its cancellation.

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