"Who's In Charge Here?"
Season 2, Episode #14
Number (#27) in Series (101 episodes)
"The Wayans Bros." episode
Series: The Wayans Bros.
Network/Country: The WB Network
Air date January 31, 1996
Production code 457716 (2x14)
Written by Barry Gold
Directed by: Tony Singletary
Guest starring Doreen Brown
Enya Flack
Will Gill Jr.
Jim Mapp
Howard S. Miller
Randall Montgomery
Mitch Mullany
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Who's In Charge Here? was the 14th episode in Season 2 of The Wayans Bros., and the 27th overall series episode; it first aired on The WB Network on January 31, 1996. Written by Barry Gold, the episode was directed by Tony Singletary.

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"Who's In Charge Here?"
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While Pops enjoys being sick in bed, White Mike (Mitch Mullany) turns the diner to a health food spot.


With Pops secretly enjoying being sick in bed, the boys try to force Pops to come back by turning the diner over to White Mike, hoping he'll do so a bad job. Mike turns the diner into a health-food spot to attract the gym clientele, and a suspiciously delicious "fat-free" cheesecake proves very popular -- leaving Pops feeling unwanted.



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